200gr Wildcats...700 action


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Nov 14, 2007
If you guys had a few hundred 7mm 200gr Wildcats and a Remmy 700 long action (30/06 blued) and wanted to build a rifle for the bullets, what would it be? :D
A 284win would keep the same bolt fact.

Increasing to a magnum bolt face will get you to the 7mmWSM, 7mmSTW, and the 7RUM.

Myself, I view those the upper limit of what I would ask a 700 action to do.

Given a stronger action I'd be looking at the 7AX, 7Allen Mag, or the 284 JAZZ.
Keep the 30-06 and sell me the bullets. All kidding aside, if this is going to be a long range hunting rifle, then probably the 7 RUM is your best bet to drive that 200gr to its potential. Most rifle builders recommend a heavier action for the Lapua or other large case wildcats in 7mm.
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