20 MOA base Question


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Aug 5, 2004
I have recently received a Farrell 20 moa base for a 700sa. Which leads me to my two questions, What kind / brand of epoxy do I need to bed this base, and my more important question Will I be able to be zeroed at 100 yards with a bush 4200 6-24- with a total of 26 moa? I had not even thought about this being a problem until I read a report that stated the elevation started at 200 yards and went up with this combo. I would like to get out further, say around 500 or so yards ( hence the 20 moa) but I don't want to sacrifice my 100 yard zero. Has anyone heard of this, or am I just getting worked up for nothing? Any suggestions would help, thanks.
I have mounted a couple of the Farrell bases
and have not found bedding them necessary,if
you want to bed it it wont hurt. Make sure
that you clean your thread's and use loctite.
You should have plenty of ajustment for a
100yd. zero but if you are only shooting 500
yard's you dont really need tapered bases
(unless you are shooting a 22 hornet,you did
not mention caliber).
do you have 26 minutes total adjustment or 26 minutes each way? If you have 26 minutes each way (up and down..52minutes total) then you can get zeroed at 100yds. You have to remember that the MOA of the base has to be taken away from the scopes internal travel MOA to determine the new "effective" moa.

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