2 Spotting Scopes and Binos for sale


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Nov 2, 2012
I have a KOWA 820 series, 20-60 power x 80mm angled scope. Literally fresh from the factory. Sent it in for having sticky paint, and they completely refurbished it. new glass, paint - everything. You will not be able to tell it from new. I am asking $575.00 shipped and insured It comes with a padded leave-on cover. It is a Kowa. Great glass.....PP F&F

Athlon 7-42 straight Tactical Scope. I bought it, fought to get the neoprene cover on it and slit the cover to allow the pic rail to be accessible, instead of trying to screw the pic rail onto the neoprene cover. Wanted it more steady feeling. That is the ONLY thing not factory perfect about it. $750 shipped and insured. Bought less than a month ago. PP F&F

Meoptapro HD 10x 42 binos - perfect except rub marks on the attachments for the bino strap. Nice Euro glass. $350

If you have any questions - please ask.



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Nov 2, 2012

Kowa scope described above - $525 shipped and insured

Meopta binos....$325 shipped and insured


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