2 scopes, which one would better suit my need?


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Nov 28, 2005
I am going to buy a scope for my .223 700 soon and am leaning toward burris because I have read many positive reviews about them. What I am wondering is which would better suit my needs, the Fullfield II 3-9 or the 4.5-14? I plan on using my rifle mostly for shots 300 or less but believe 500yd shots are definitly possible when after a coyote or target (hopefully If i get good at this I can step it up to further out). I plan on doing target and varmit shooting Pds coyotes etc... So I am wondering, Ive seen prices on ebay for the 3-9 for about 160$ and the 4-14 for about 260$, is the extra magnification worth the price increase? I really would only like to buy 1 scope that I coudl use on multiple rifles if needed (prolly a .243 is the next to come). Also note, I really dont wanna spend a ton of money, but would like quality.

So any imput would be greatly appreciated, ive read this forum just about every day and fell that since youall seem to know what ur talking about this could help me out. thx
you may want to take a good look at mueller scope i just got a 8.5x25x50 eraticator and love it. i put it on my 223 savage. i shoot two hogs last night one at 224 yrd and one at 289 yrd with it both head shoots. it was so late that i could not see the feeder with my eye. but with the scope it was nice and bright and the red dot was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a burris ff 2 3x9 and i don't like it for varmint hunting are target shooting the ballis plex only works on the highest setting so you are hunting with a 9 power scope. there is a lot of good reviews on the mueller as well. i have two more on the way right know. it's a great scope for the $$$ 199.00 to my door. take a look http://www.muelleroptics.com
I like Burris and Nikon. As far as power range, the 3x will outshine the 4.5 from 0 to 100 yards. Especialy on moving game. The 3x will also be brighter.

For long range, 9x is plenty out to 500. Once you start shooting long range, you will see how simple it is to shoot to 500. You may then want more power to stretch things further.

For an all around scope, I recomend the Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14 side focus. This scope has a lot of potential, you'll grow to apreciate. $250.
For your 223 the Burris 3-9 ballistic plex will allow you to shoot to 500 without turning a knob.

I like them both, but would go with the Nikon.
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