SOLD/EXPIRED 2 Custom Rifles FS 243 AI, 300 WSM


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Nov 18, 2008
I'm helping a friend from 6mmbr sell these rifles, I'll forward any questions and get them answered. Couple nice rifles at good prices. Contact me by PM or by email trpk154

Thanks muscletrpr

FS: Accurate and quick cartridge. Reamer available from PTG and dies now available from Hornady. It is basically a .243AI with a 30° shoulder. Rifle has had exactly 53 documented rounds down the barrel. Current antelope hunting load is printing groups in the .3's. Hunting load is an 80 grain Barnes TTSX chrono'd at 3600fps.

Remington 700 bolt and action
All metal parts trued/lapped

Shilen SS Select Match barrel
1:12 twist
Sendero contour 25"
Custom muzzlebreak
.262 neck

Calahan pinned recoil lug

HS Precision Pro Series Stock

Warne bases and 1" QR rings

L.E.Wilson Chamber Type Bullet seating die

L.E. Wilson Bushing die

Case guage for measuring head space

Over $2000 invested in this build not including optics or accesories.

Fire formed brass and a Remington .308 Win tactical barrel (less than 500 rnds down the pipe) included with purchase

Asking $1400 for the rifle, accessories, and 308 barrel (OBO)




(SPF!!!) Custom 300 WSM Build (built on a new 700 action)

-Remington 700 action purchased from Larry D Scott on
-PT&G spiral fluted bolt with tactical handle
-Coned bolt face and Sako extractor
-Callahan bolt shroud and speedlock firing pin assembly
-Timney Triger
-Holland Competition Recoil Lug
-Short magnum spring and follower
-Rock Creek SS 5R hand lapped varmint contour barrel (0.875" at muzzle) 1:14 twist finished at 22" with Harrell's muzzle break
-Warne two-piece bases and 1" QR rings
-Hogue overmolded stock with full length aluminum bedding block
-All metal parts received DuraCoat paint in Coyote Tan.

All parts trued, trigger set to 2.5lbs.
Rifle has had 11 rounds down the tube and posted 2-three shot groups of 0.75" after sighting in with Federal Premium ammo.

Factory ammo listed at 3150fps at muzzle and cronographed at 3383fps. Have not hand loaded for it yet.

Gunsmith receipts come with the rifle

Over $2300 invested

Included in the price RCBS full length dies and 50 rounds of once fired brass
$1500 OBO (SPF!!)

Optics not included



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Is that a houge stock on the 300wsm? The 1/14 twist is that for the lighter bullets better yet what would be the heavest bullet to stablize with this twist?

Is He interested in any trades?

Thanks Billy
I will forward on your question, and ask about trades. I think he is mostly interested in cash. Maybe a light trade plus cash.