SOLD/EXPIRED 1st model 700 VSSF 308, NIB, GA Precision work

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michael sr

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Jan 10, 2012
Omaha, Nebraska

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GA Precision work:

Muzzle brake:



Over sized bolt handle and bolt release moved to side of receiver





As posted this is New in the box and because of the removable muzzle brake -which I am not going to remove; 5/8X24- rifle is too long for the original factory box so I'll have to ship in two boxes: factory box to a home address, rifle to you receiving FFL.

There are Leupold quick release scope rings and mounts seen in the 1st picture will be removed before shipping, if you want them add $20.00. The pictures showing the close up of the Muzzle brake, the over sized bolt handle and the new location of the bolt release are pictures of my other VSSF/308 that had the same work done and done at GA Preceision. The sales person at the time this work was done 'was': Carey or Karey Bruner....if you want you can call GA P and ask them...

Shipping & insurance is $60 BUT if it only cost's $50 or any other lesser amount, the remainder of that $60 will be refunded!


I am not interested in any trades at this time BUT I am not opposed to trading. I am only interested in stainless firearms : Ruger**, Colt, S&W, Sig, Remington, not other's.

** Would consider Ruger Gunsite 308.

Calibers: .22 upto and including 300 Win Mag. No 444, or 45-70. Handgun or rifle.

I would accept a .22 Suppressor in trade.

Price*** is a suggested selling price and Ship/ins not included but are mentioned above.

***Shipping and insurance from my home to KC MO round trip because box was oversized was $60.... and I'm only 2.5 hours from the Crown Center Plaza...!!!

Price is $1375, Trade $1450. My dealer w/accept from a NON FFL.

I can/will do lay-a-way, upon my receiving a decent down payment I will mail the factory box to your home address asap. You can set the terms but they must be reasonable and the downpayment should be convincing enough to ensure your following thru with the purchase...

USPS money orders only ! In case something might happen to me [I'm not a young lad anymore] MO's will not be cashed until the full amount is paid OR if you tell me -in an email- I can cash them ahead of schedule....

ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNs contacting me here is the best bet, just make sure you have VSSF in the Subject line: beltloop aT yA hoo dot com
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