1st. fox of 2012


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Oct 22, 2012
Mornin! This is my first post so I will tell about me first and then about the first fox this year. :D I live in Western Colorado, I have been reloading and refining my 'yote' gun for years and have it pretty well dialed in. I shoot a 22-250 Rem. 788. Where I live we have lots of yotes and lots of opportunities to call and hunt.
Yesterday mornin at first light I am looking around.....:D like every morning and I notice this red fox mousing around my center fence line. He was at 400yds. I got my 250 from the gun safe and went to my favorite rest. I shoot from my back porch almost daily so this fox at 400 was no real big deal. I shoot him and he drops as expected.....but then he gets up and tries to run, but can't. He dies after a 2 or 3 min of trying to run. I go and retrieve this fox and the left front leg is nearly gone at the shoulder. looking him over I notice the bullet didn't penetrate the chest at all! The shock of the 55gr. V-Max did the job....but it didn't penetrate deep enough enough to produce the clean kill I like. How about that?gun)
Anybody have similar results from V-Max's? I usually shoot fmjbt 55gr. with 38gr H-380 in this 250 with great success. I am not sure I like the V-Max's loaded the same way for anything bigger than prarie dogs. They work great on those.