1st Elk Hunt


Dec 23, 2007
This is weekend is my 1st elk hunt, a cull hunt on the Mescalero Apache reservation in N.M. I bought a 300wm and my boss gave me 2 boxes of 180 Ballistic Silvertip ammo to use. Does anyone have experience with this load, especially at ranges less than 300 yds?
Thanks in advance.
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Just found your post sorry it took so long. I have used 180 bst in a wsm for two elk so far but not at ranges under 300, one 5x5 bull at 303 yards I put one threw both lungs he stumbled and stood there so I put another one about two inches from the first and it was over. field dressing showed no exit, both bullets stopped under the skin on the far side and retained 125 grains of there weight, lungs where both completely destroyed. The second elk I have taken with these bullets was a large cow at 445 yards single shot threw the engine block, devastating heart shot and dead right there. The bullet suffered core separation and stopped in the far side leg bone weighing only 77 grains. I love how accurate they are in my rifle and how cheap they are compared to some other bullets. I would plan on boiler room shots, which is always my preference anyway. Don't depend on pass threw on elk with these bullets at 300 or more but take comfort in massive wound channel. Dear at 256 and 10 yards and bear at 60 yards created 4" exit wounds. They will do the job if you get them where they should be. GOOD LUCK
Hey thanks for the response and info. I decided to go with Winchester 180 gr. XP3's just to make sure no matter the angle I could get a round into the vitals. My first elk shot at 333 yds, 2 shots 2 hits, a managment 4x4 this morning at 09:07! It took 3 hours to get him in the truck, but that was the funnest work I've ever done.
:) gun)
Outstanding, Congratulations. It is always a chore to get them out and even more to cut them up for the freezer, it's a chore I welcome and look forward to every year. Glad to hear it.
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