1st black powder muzzle loader

Rum and not the liquid

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May 17, 2010
New Zealand
Hi all.

I’m just got my grandfathers euroarms Kentuckian in 44 and I really have no idea what the hell to do.
if I make a list can someone help me out please?
I’ve always wanted to get into black powder and nows a good chance to get started. I want to hunt animals with it at i geuss less than 100 yards?
My question are

I want to cast my own projectiles but don’t really know what size mold to buy

What is the best projectile “shape” for hunting

I see a lot about lubricating and sizing the projectiles I thought after the cast they should be the right size?

And powder charge. base charge? Ladder testing and how to determine max load.

I’m sure I’ve missed something

Thanks in advanced


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