1903-A3 3-Position Safety (W/PIC's)

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Dec 13, 2009
Tampa, FL
1903-A3 3-Position Safety (Now W/New PIC's)

Traded for this rifle and has a broken model 70 safety shroud lock (AKA: breech bolt sleeve lock). How do I install the new shroud lock on my 1903A3 3-position safety? Backed out the pin and removed broken part. The new one won't depress down far enough to enable the pin to be re-installed. Is it as simple as fileing down the bottom so the pin will slide over the top of the new part? Thanks


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Seems like I was given the wrong breech bolt sleeve lock for my safety! In the pic shows relief cut is on the front side rather than on the side. That's why the pin won't slide in. Here is a couple of pics of my butchering of the part to try and make it work. Now I'll have to get another shroud lock. Well I would have had tio buy another anyhow! Bet this lock is for a military Mauser rifle. White arrow shows where the pin gores thru to lock it in.

P.S. Can't seem to find anyone that sells the lock. Tried the usual web sites but no luck. Anyone have any ideas where I can buy one? Thanks

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