190” New Mexico Buck

He’s bleached almost white ,from napping in all his hidy hole spots ,granted he’s fooled many a hunter. But not you !!!😉Congratulations ,to you both , him for growing Soooo Grand and passing on his jeans,& evading countless predators. You for being blessed with youth and the Passion and drive it takes to go out there and find him and bring him home to be honored with the Beautiful mount he is . Thanks for the great pictures and posting them , Enjoyed immensely!!!,Cheers🤔👏👏👏👍

I don’t know if any of you folks have heard of “digital taxidermy“ but I thought it was pretty dadgum neat! They take your photo of the antlers on your trophy and photoshop it onto a stock scene of a critter. Pretty cool if you ask me. I dunno if you’re allowed to post links here but a quick google search brings up their website