180 VLD's in the 7mm RUM Sendero?


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Jan 28, 2006
Anybody have real world experience shooting 180 VLD's in the Rem 700 RUM?

Will the twist 9.5 twist handle them?
Dont mean to hijack, but if you are going to shoot 180's, why not get a .300 RUM ? I mean it can push a 180, 300+ fps faster. I understand the .284, 180gr VLD has a .659 BC, where as the 185 .30 cal has a .549. But at 1000 yards the speed is almost identicle.

Berger reccomends a 1 in 9 twist for the 180's by the way. It's all on their website Berger Hunting Bullets

Also, here is a PDF quick reference sheet for all the Bergers. Everything you need to know http://www.bergerbullets.com/Berger Quick Reference Sheets 6-17-09.pdf
"My 7stw shoots them very well. It is a Sendero with a 9.5 twist. I would definitely try them. "

Thanks, AND thanks Tang,

What speed are you sending them?
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Excellent pics,

I'm looking for a rifle that will send the 180 at about that speed.
My 3050 FPS load is an accuracy load in my rifle and was by no means the fastest I could get. I used to shoot 140's at 3500 FPS but going to the 180's takes this rifle to a whole new class.

26" Shilen barrel
68g Retumbo. Max load was 69 but accuracy suffered. MV is 2950-2970.
280 feet above sealevel.

64 or 66g of RL22. 64 I think.
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