180 grain swift scirroco and pressure increase??


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Sep 4, 2001
Has anyone noticed much of a pressure increase with this bullet vrs other 180 grainers?? My quickload program "predicts" about 6,000 more psi than a nosler partition in a 30-06 because of the extra length. Quickload can be a little "hyper" this way.
Has anyone had a "warm" load go "hot" on them?

I have messed around with the 165s in my 30-06, and I can shoot 180 grain Gamekings nearly as fast as I can the 165 Sciroccos. OKShooter has done a lot of tsting with the Sciroccos. He has an Oehler 43 PBL with a strain gauge. He says Sciroccos generate more pressure than other more conventional bullets. This makes sense to me, since the Scirocco has a very long bearing surface. He also says they have a hard jacket.

I have been fortunate to shoot about as many Sciroccos as most anyone since the very first prototypes and although the pressure increase is a reality, I cannot say that there is a pressure concern. If Stan (OK Shooter) says that there are increased pressures with Sciroccos with a given charge - I would take that to the bank.

I simply load them for accuracy, which is usually near a maximum charge for the particlar rifle. We have recovered a lot of Sciroccos from kills (35 from one bullet test we did on wild hogs) and the Scirocco has proved to be one of the most consistent bullets as far as not shedding its core and for retaining a high percentage of its weight (average is slightly over 80% - regardless of impact velocity).

I do not work for Swift, shoot a lot of other great bullets but am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Sciroccos a lot. They are a great hunting bullet - as are A-Frames and Bear Claws, X's, Grand Slams, Partitions and Failsafes and no doubt others.

Fact is that plain-jane Hornadys, Sierras and Speer bullets will usually make an animal about as dead as it is going to be - they just don't retain as much of their initial weight over such a large impact velocity range.

We should always work up loads from a known safe starting point. Variables such as the jacket material, bearing surface length and actual dimensions vary so much from brand to brand that we can never take anything for granted. I recall making some Mexican-Match a while back, substituted an identical weight premium bullet for a factory load, same O.L. and proceeded to blow the primer.

My experience with Sciroccos has been that they are relatively easy to get accuracy with. I have a couple of sub 1/4 minute groups with them - that is a real extreme and involved a lot of luck, no doubt. I shot the groups that Swift uses in their ads - the ones with the green diamond target.

Swift is likely to come out with a 200+ grain .338 bullet next and I am really looking forward to that one. Right now they make three thirty cals - 180, 165 & 150 gr.- a 7mm 150 gr and a .270 cal 130 grain bullet.

Hope that this info is of interest.
KRAKY, I shoot a 180gr.scirocco out my sako 300win. mag (custom 26 inch. barrel) I'am getting 3220ft/s and can reload my fed. brass at least 4-5 times.( 3/4" groups at 300yds) the primer pockets are the first to after that.The load is pretty hot,but I have no problems ejecting the brass.I weighted the scirocco's after shooting them at 100 yds.( into dirt piles) 5 of them avg. 115gr.
I have used the 7mm-150gr Scirrocco's with the same heavy charges which I was previously using for the Nosler 150gr Ballistic Tip in my 7STW. I did not NOTICE any increase in pressure. If pressure was higher, it was not high enough to exhibit any of the usual high pressure signs. While the Scirrocco was not quite as accurate as the B-Tip, it still produced very good groups for a premium grade hunting bullet.
Good-bye Barnes X bullets
In 300 Weatherby did not notice difference vs. ballistic tips. Same charge, velocity and accuracy. Great bullets!
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