180 gr 30 cal N Accubond performance


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Mar 11, 2007
Just thought I'd post this since I wasn't expecting these results:

180 grain Nosler Accubond fired from 300wsm @ 2940 FPS. Struck white tail fawn/yearling at 25 yards in the neck, penetrated through neck into spine (about 9" or so of bone contact in the spinal column) continued on to lodge in the pelvic region. I wasn't expecting to find the bullet so I wasn't paying attention to the the exact amount of bone contact. Recovered the bullet and weighted at 110 grains. A little lighter than I was expecting but still mostly in tact. I was able to identify rifling marks on the back portion of the bullet.

Just a little tid bit of information for you guys.
Britz, I've only recovered a few 180 30 Cal AB's and have averaged about 70% weight retention. I too was a little surprised that it wasn't a bit more but the bullet has always done its job. I still use 154 Hornady spire points in my 280 and they have alway average in the high 80's to 90%. I still like the overall performance of the AB's though.
Try the Swift Scirocco if you want more bullet weight retention

The Accubond has performed very well for me and at a much lower cost than other bonded bullets. The nice thing is you can shoot Balistic tips at paper and Acubonds at fur. They shoot virtualy the same. The Accubond is relatively easy to get to shoot well.

The Swift Scirocco is still a superior bullet design for weight retention. It takes some tweeking to get the Scirocco to shoot as good as the Accubond.

I don't understand why you would shoot a small deer linearly starting in the neck. Especially at 50 yards or less. A direct shot under the ear or through the lungs would have saved a lot of good meat.

Nat Lambeth
I intended to shoot it directly below the head, but I hit a couple inches low. Two deer, two shots rapid fire, woops!
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