175 eldx bullets.... Good or bad?

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Nov 14, 2013
In my experience with 175 ELDX - Bears, Deer and elk out of a 7 Saum launched between 2850-2900 FPS have been positive. We've Never lost an animal or had any "failures", most animals are dead within sight or within 50-100 yards depending on shot scenario. The Closest shots have been right at 100 yards, the furthest being 775 yards.

I've found that they offer immediate expansion right on impact regardless of impact velocity.

The penetration isn't the greatest (Especially on elk. We RARELY get exit wounds) but they always punch through to vitals shedding a good amount of weight offering impressive wound channels..... (most of the time the wound channels are anywhere from half dollar size holes up to fist size wound channels depending on shot angle/impact velocity.)

I really cant say much bad things about them, they're boringly consistent terminally - I've yet to find a gun that cant shoot them at least 1/2 MOA or better.

The lot to lot variations in base to ogive can be a bit high, but most bullets I run have that same problem, even with the variations in BTO measurements they still shoot great.

Hopefully this helps your decision, we have stacked up ALOT of game with them over the past 3 years. Fully bellies and even better......FULL FREEZERS!


Good to know. Have a ton of them thinking of loading the saum with some. Been running Berger 180’s at 2900 FPS but have another gun to mess with and wanna try the 175’s


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Feb 14, 2020
Interested in this bullet. Will a 9.5 twist Sendero 7mm STW stabilize this bullet at 750 ft elevation?

I think 8.5 is recommended. You might try running the numbers through JBM calculator. It may be too slow, especially at that low of elevation. I’m gonna try the 175 ELD X in a 9 twist when my build is done. If you try them let us know how they shoot. Good luck.


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Feb 6, 2017
have Used a lot on larger whitetails size game with good results. elk Size animals I’d use other bullets. Elk are tough and I’ve seen enough that eld-x are to fragile.
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Feb 5, 2017
I have shot some deer (all at close range) with this bullet. Two with a 28 Nosler (3170 fps @ 40 yards and 320 yards) and one with a 7RM (2940 fps @ 170 yards). I haven't recovered a bullet yet, but didn't shoot any through any shoulders. Quick kills with large exit holes even on these shorter shots with the high impact velocities. There was shrapnel and jacket fragments from secondary wound channels left in each deer, but the base continued its way through all of them. I feel very confident in it as a deer bullet and it has been very accurate with 9 twist barrels.


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