.17 WSM

Have 2 of them one pencil barrel one that I got when they first came out, and a
heavy varmint barreled one that I got last year. I am always surprised at how loud they are for a rimfire, they do get the job done that is for sure.

I was tempted to get a semi version of the B mag but have never had any luck with semi autos.

I have one. I got a heavy barrel one last year for the kids to shoot. I skipped the 22lr and just went with the 17wsm. I replaced the plastic stock with a Boyd's All in one to make adjustment easier on everyone. I also added a BSA 17WSM scope (yep its a cheap scope), but works good enough, and their eyes are much younger. My goal was to have something to teach rifle shooting to them and that they could do small game with as well. Most likely, I'll get another one and set it up the same, with a different color stock just to tell them apart easier.

We have only had ours out a few times. Holds 1 moa in brisk cross winds, with the 25g rounds. I have not tried the 20g projectiles yet. Like to see how it does in some quite air.
It's great to be back here after a long time after a 'puter crash but I found my way back.

I bought a pencil barrel BMAG .17 WSM as soon as they hit the stores and use it for small game hunting and an occasional varmint that happens along. The light carry is wonderful and accuracy is great.

I tell you what, the WSM is pure murder for my main game being tree squirrels and cottontail rabbits.
I recently bedded my black plastic factory .17WSM BMAG stock and added two 3/16" threaded steel rods that run the length of the barrel channel. The barrel is now firmly centered in the end of the stiffened forearm.

Also added is a new Burris 3X-9X scope and a Glades Armory bolt handle for more scope clearance and leverage.

Today is a good day to do a sight-in and dope the rifle.