1600lb free range bison, 338 wsm


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Jan 30, 2005
Neal asked me to post this up since he is having problems logging on to LRH, I hope the pictures come thru.

Lias's Buffalo with Benchamark Barrel
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It's 1245 A.M. We left at 7:15 A.M. yesterday morning. 35 miles by truck, 14 miles by 4-wheeler all one way.

338 WSM with 180gr Accubond at 3000fps. Between the eyes with 2 feet of penetration. 1600 pounds live weight and we brought out roughly 700 pounds on two 4-wheelers. Lisa's 4-wheeler had 200 pounds on it and blew a tire 6 miles from the truck. We were trying to fix it in 30 degree temps and snow with 40mph winds. Pitch black and we could not get enough air in the tire to find the leak.

Got to hit the sack, very tired. We are headed back out at first light to retrieve the 4-wheeler and the rest of the Buff.

The rest of the story per Neal cooper;

Lisa's Buffalo part 2
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First I would like to say thank you to my incredible wife for another exciting hunt, Ron at Benchmark barrels for an extremely fine product and to Jim See for the muscle brake that allows my little 5'2" wife to shoot a 338WSM in a handgun.

The day dawned clear 30 degrees and windy. We drove with a friend out to a place called Kalsin Bay and offloaded the three 4-wheelers. SOme 12 miles of medium grade four wheeling brought us out to a Bay known as Ugak Bay. As we are sitting at 500 feet above sea level our binoculars revealed some 25 head of Buffalo down near the beach 2 miles ahead. Then, a half mile to the right we see gigantis. Further watching and he has 4 brothers. A band of 5 bulls hanging out not far from the herd of cows and calves. I have to say here that these animals have never been fenced period. These particuler animals had left the ranch some ten miles west more than ten years ago.
Now the excitment is on. We are cruising as fast as my little wife can handler her borrowed four-wheeler. Down off the pass and into the timber to where we had last seen the band of bulls.. Wouldn't you know it, they did not stay put for an easy hunt. My friend Eric stayed up and a small knob while Lisa and I try and see if we can locate the bulls. All over those flats we went and could not find them. Then an engine starts and the next thing I see is Eric motioning for me to follow. I move to where I can see where he is pointing and the bulls had moved up to elevation and were climbing while they fed. Lisa and I ran over to our 4-wheelers to take our gear to a closer location. IN her haste to get her machine going to get on the bulls she jammed the tranny so hopped on with me and away we go back across the valley.
As we plan our direction of attack, now that the bulls are a quarter of a mile ahead of us and moving away. I can't help wishing there was some way to get this done easily. That and I am looking at if there is a way to get the 4-wheelers up there 500 vertical feet above our position. Well the stalk is on. We head out in a 30 degree angle away from the bulls and start our climb on the back side of a bluff from where we last saw the bulls. Huff and puffing we top out and sneak around the corner in the scattered cottonwoods. There is Mr Big and a buddy standing side by side moving away from our position and still climbing. SO we climbed diagonal slightly to their left again and began the climb to top out at another knoll and should take us to within a hundred yards. SInce Lisa had just drove a miserable two hours controlling a 600 pound motor bike and now 700 yards of walking up an Alaskan style hill,l I wanted all the odds in our (her) favor. I stop just short of cresting and spent ten minutes letting Lisa cool down and get ready for the shot.
Lisa gets her 338WSM ready and today I wanted to see just how tough the 338 180 grain Accubonds really are. It has been my plan for a very long time to have her put a pill between the eyes. A buffalo bull has an incredible bridge work forehead and no better way to test our standard hunting load/bear protection load than on a very large Bison bull. SO up and over the crest and dang, they had turned around and I was instantly spotted by a lessor bull. I noted the big boy (actually two) feeding towards us at 50 yards away and they had not seen us. SO we creep into postion and drop the hammer at 50 yards. Bang flop and its over! I forgot to mention that Lisa had her video camera in her pack and left it on her 4-wheeler in her haste.

I now head down the hill picking a trail for the 4-wheelers and back up the hill with Eric and two machines. We took some still shots and decided to gut the animal prior to pulling it back down to the valley floor. ERic had the bigger machine so hooked up with the 700 Yamaha 4X4 and spun all four tires trying to pull the cleaned animal down hill. I then hooked up to Eric and between the two of us we were barely able to get him moving. We towed it to the valley floor and prepped the animal for the 14 mile trip of horror back to the truck.

Now understand this is so far from a canned hunt and though my grammer is pretty poor do to extreme fatigue I went to bed at something like 1:30 this morning. Like 20 hours after I got up the previous morning. My wife, bless her tired aching body was up at 6 a.m. this morning so we could bring the 4-wheeler with the last 200 pounds of meat back home. Yes this is serious brown bear country so we were packing both 338's as I really expected to shoot a bear. We had left the meat firmly lashed to the bike so he would have to haul bike and all away. The thinking was that he would just camp and eat right there. I have a bear tag so collecting a nice brown bear on the trail next to the 4-wheeler was surely a positive thing. Alas no bear and no problems so we changed the tire and headed out. In the meantime Eric and his son and a bunch of buddies comunicated and they all rode in with us this morning to get their own buffalo. SO Lisa and I headed back to the truck while the rest headed in for their own adventure. Two miles towards the truck the same tire went flat again. Just when we entered the bad part of the trail. SO this time I repositioned everything on my 4-wheeler. Loaded the 200 pounds of brisket on the back and left the bike for the others as we had to get back to work. It was a very extreme drive out like the night before, except this time it was daylight and clear with very little wind. Lisa was given the opportunity to drive but declined do to arm fatigue.

No guys the picture is not staged. Lisa is actually skinning out this animal While Eric and I are sitting off to the side sipping hot chocolate! Yea right!

We built a cooler in my friends shop a long time ago. 900 pounds on the bone in the cooler.


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Re: 1600lb free range bison, 338 wsm PICTURES



Thank you Jim for posting! This handgun pictures is my favorite in all that I have. Shoots excellant and its looking like I have lost it to the lady in the picture. Looking forward to getting that twin looking handgun in the 338 Edge.

My friend took his son and 4 other guys out the next day for another buffalo. They found the main bunch across the valley 1/2 mile away from where Lisa shot hers. Using his dad's 375 RUM he placed a shot just over the brain cap and under the horn boss using 270gr soft points at 100 yards. The bull (slightly smaller than Lisa's) shook his head and ran across the valley for 1/2 mile. Two hours later using the same gun and load Aaron (friends son) put another bullet behind the shoulder . Getting no response indicating being hit the bull with herd started climbing out of the valley. Another hour later Aaron found himself finally above the herd and out in the open without a prayer and three shells left. The 12 bulls spotted him ahead of them and lined out in single file in front of the herd and facing Aaron who is now totally scared to death. Way to far to run and three shells left. A really angry wounded bull with buddies ready to tromp his butt. The stare down is on for a long time until they herd turns and headed back down to the valley. The wonded bull stopped and looked back 30 feet from the gut pile we left the day before with Lisa's bull. He shot and dropped it.

There is a moral to this story. It doesn't matter how impressive the ballistics of your shooter is. Animals can't read and if you don't hit them where it counts, they are not going to go down. Not this size of animal anyway!

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WOWWWWW that is a lot of meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations on the hunt. While I was reading the post I was thinking if you guys had somewhere safe to run to, if the shot wasnt perfect. I am glad it was. And is good to know your friend wasnt hurt.
Congratulations to your wife, for the courage and for the skills.
Couple questions: How do you process and organize all that meat? Is all of it good to eat? For how long do you plan to eat that buffalo meat?
Enjoyed reading, nice pictures, thanks for posting.
Buffalo aren't an agressive animal unless one pushes them. The friend was by himself and did not know this. In his case the buffalo did what they will always do given the chance.

Lisa and I the day before shot from the edge of the tree line and his buddies did not have a clue where the shot came from. They hung around until Lisa and I walked out towards them about five yards apart yelling and waving our arms. They retreated about 200 yards down the hill and remained in the exact spot the entire time we were butchering.

In the case of an animal this large: Instead of quartering we made 6 large pieces. severing the quarts from the spine then cutting through the backbone behind the shoulder for another piece. Just the brisket.neck through the hump weighed 200 pounds as the 6th piece. 4 of us split the meat equaling about 200 meals each. For Lisa and I, 1 pound is two meals or something less than 400 meals with cookouts and what not. The Liver weighed 16 pounds and I just gave 4 needy families most of that after I soaked it in milk. The heart weighed 5 pounds alone and that stayed here.

Everything is edible from the hocks to the top of the hump in the back. The hump alone weighed 75 pounds and will be made into burger. Organizing meat: SOmething this large must have all muscles separated independantly to get down to reasonable sized steaks or roasts with bone left in. If one were to make one bandsawed sized steak with a first cut on a hind quarter it would be a steak 18" X 24" and 1/2 thick it would weigh about 5 pounds.

We vacuum seal and next September we will give whatever is left to the needy and go get another.

Sounds like barbecue time at Neals ;-))
And I thought my mule deer was big ;-)))

I know one nurse that no one will argue with, nice shooting Lisa!!!
Thanks for the explanation, I have never killed an animal that big, and was wondering how to use properly all the meat nature can give you with an animal that big. It is great to know that a lot of people will enjoy this buffalos meat. Do you make some into sausage or not? And how do you prepare the heart? I love eating deers hearts, but they are tiny in comparison to a five pound heart!!!
How about the cape? It will probable make a huge and very nice rug.
I just enjoyed this thread a lot. Sorry for all the questions, but it sure is very interesting for me.
Ask away- don't be sorry about the questions. Maybe you can fly in next year and ride out with us?

The hide is exactly 10' X 10' and we skinned it such that it is mostly round. It took 150 pounds of table salt to salt it down!
For myself I will make 50 pounds of sausage (self) 50 pounds of burger maybe 75 and 100 pounds of boned steak and roast.

Heart and Liver are soaked in milk for 12 hours to remove blood. Split heart in half and remove any clots. I like to stuff bacon in the heart valve cavity along with my seasonings and place in slow cooker along with veggies and cook in a stew mix until yender.
Cut in strips
Liver and onions baby- Liver and Oinions fried in bacon grease after breading. Turn heat down after searing, add water and cook on low heat until tender.

Thanks for the invitation. I tried writing you a personal message but you have that option blocked. Could you please send me a personal message, with your email address so we can get in contact, I would love to make that trip some day!!!
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