160 grain accubond preformance on deer


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Feb 3, 2009
I just wanted to put my two cents in since there is a lot of talk about bullets lately.
I made a high shoulder shot on an 180 lb deer at 303 yards with win 160 ab factory ammo. The deer was just slightly quartering towards me and the bullet entered at he point of the shoulder on his right side and exited just behind the opposite shoulder it destroyed one vertebra and the top of one lung. i think the bone stripped the expansion from the core of the bullet because the exit wound was the same as the entrance wound. would have thought it would have damaged both lungs but the left lung was untouched. But need less to say it was bang flop and nothing makes you feel like that.
I really doubt that the lead core stripped out of the jacket on an accubond. It sounds to me like the accubond did exactly what is was designed to do, expand and hold together not blow up just leaving the jacket like the Ballsitic Tips. I shot 4 deer from 98 to 275 yards with my 264 Win mag and 130 accubonds this year. Two were through a shoulder and exit behind the off side shoulder. When I skinned them out I found the shoulders destroyed the vitals soup and the exit in the meat was the size of a golf ball but the exit hole in the hide was about the size of your thumb. The hide stretches. One was through both shoulders and both shoulders were destroyed and everything inbetween. Exit in the shoulder was about the size of a golf ball.
I did recover the bullet from the forth deer that was shot at 111 yards. Now this bullet left the muzzle at 3350 fps. The buck was faceing me with a slight left shoulder angle. The bullet entered the edge of the left shoulder destroying the shoulder made soup of the vitals and when I was cutting up the meat I found the bullet in the right ham. The bullet was a text book mushroom with the lead core very bonded to the jacket and the recovered weight was 71 grs.
I didn't think it had separated just maybe lost the nose of the bullet when it contacted the bone.
I use to shoot sierra gk and a spine shot seemed to completely destroy them but the ab didn't have any problems.
Here is a 160 accubond recovered from a block of green sugar maple, impact velocity was 3520 fps, retained weight was 98.5 gr or 61%, expanded diameter was .658".

here is an accubond exit wound on a whitetail range was 702 yards

another accubond exit, this one from 532 yards

finaly, even this accubond exited and expanded, even with the impact velocity of 1650 fps, hitting nothing but 1 rib, exit wound was nickel sized

Yes I like the 160 accubonds
I found this one in the dirt behind where I shot a buck. Shot was at 345yrds, 140 gr Accubond starting @ 3341fps out of a 270WSM.


This side was in soft dirt, the other side was cleaned of by a rock like you may have experienced hitting bone.
This is a cow elk spine, same bullet at 335 yrds, could not find the bullet, exit was about quarter size. Took out about 8in of spine.


I like the Accubonds they really hold together but dump massive amounts of energy.
edwj002 The Sierra bullet is a much softer thinner jacket bullet than the Accubond. The Sierra really come apart when they hit bone that is the reason there was so much destruction with them. For the average 3100 fps and under muzzle velocity rounds I really like the Sierra bullets. I shoot the 117 gr Pro Hunter in my 25-06 all the time and when you shoot a deer with it the results looks like someone drove a bush hog through a deer.
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