155 A-Max

Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
Have been trying these bullets in my ROCK, 47 grains of Varget shot five into 0.287" at 100 yards today. Have several groups in the 0.3's. Not sure if that is good enough for long range shooting but will give them a try

Jerry Teo will probably agree, these bullets fly nice.
Back to the big green reloading machine. My PRO-2000 makes this ammo and it shoots decent, no handjobbing involved like trimming, primer pockets etc. This is twice fired Norma brass, Win. primers, and thrown powder charges. My friend and I can crank five boxes in 20 minutes, gives us more time to shoot steel. Nothing against doing the accuracy stuff to the brass etc, but I am happy with the ammo this machine is producing.


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Jul 27, 2001
yep, I do. have taken these little beauties to 1800m out of a 300Wby. No problem with subsonic transition. Out of my 308Win, 1400m no problem.

I would say that their wind bucking ability is up there with the 175gr MK and certainly better then the 168gr class of J4/MK's.

The 165gr SST is a wonderful bullet with an apparent BC up in the 190/200grMK type category. Very accurate and a great hunting bullet. Will be using it to poke a few animals this year for sure.

New project will use the 6.5 140gr SST. These bullets are very long (1.4" long). This definitely puts it in the mid to high 6's for BC. Can't wait to see how these slugs fly.

Ian, it took a while but you are going to see the poly tip light. Good stuff.


PS please influence Hornady to start making 200gr or heavier 30cal Amax/SST bullets.

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