151 absolute hammer impact velocity 2050fps—NOT surprised


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Jul 26, 2020
30-06 tikka t3 lite factory setup
151gr absolute hammer
MV 3130fps

520 yard shot (impact vel around 2050fps with my data), cross canyon slightly lower than me and quartering away facing uphill—hit in “no mans land” just under the spine, exit though offside shoulder. Found him again in the scope after a second rolling down hill. He regained footing but back legs were paralyzed. Facing me now, second shot through the shoulder exciting liver. Down for good after that one.

I am terrible about taking terminal performance pictures and apologize for that…but what I found was an excellent wound channel. Did not hit the spine but the energy was apparently enough to paralyze. Or possible a petal hit. A few petals exited the offside shoulder on the first shot. Essentially a single lung shot, not great shot placement, but excellent terminal performance allowed for easy follow up. The second shot was devastating. On the ground next to the buck is a baseball sized chunk of liver and blood sprayed into the grass and trees.

I continue to be impressed by hammer bullets! I’ve had other monos perform much worse with significantly higher impact velocity and better shot placement. I do use Berger bullets as well in my dedicated long range rigs but may have to rethink this with how well these kill even at distance. Thanks again Steve and Hammer for providing an excellent product and customer service.