150g Matchking toughness

Darryl Cassel

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May 7, 2001
Sod buster

I use a straight 280 with 168 gr Sierra MKs and they destroy deer with full penitration through and through. Even through the shoulders.
No reason the 150 gr won't do the same.

It don't take much to kill a deer even at longrange.



Mar 13, 2002
South Dakota
It was a 70 Degree day today,With a variable 10 mph wind out of the NNW(I shoot N) I had about a 3/4" group with 139g Horn. @about 3130 or so. I also had about 5 loads from 54g of 4350 to 56.5g of 4350 that ran from about 2900 to 3000 with the Match King. At 57g It opened way up again(about 2 1/2" groups). Of the 5 loads, There wasn't enough difference for me to tell what was the best load and what was me- they all ran 1" to 1/2" With a little primer flattening at the hotter loads(No other signs). Knowing that deer season will be at least 40 degrees cooler, more likely 50 to 60, Where would you go with the load? 56g to move a little closer to the mid-range or a little lower yet? How much will The temp difference affect Me?

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