15 months old enough?


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Feb 2, 2005
Fifteen months ago I posted this picture of my self and my just born 4th grandchild.


To me it seems like a long time. I think it's time to start training him. He is kind of
bilingual, He sees food and he says "mas" when he leaves he says "bye"... Smart



I think he likes what he hears grandpa say... But all the jumbo mumbo or mumbo jumbo about
moa and wind drift has him comfused a little. :D

Well all one can do is try. :) He just received his first class.
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He sure looks awesome, and already interested in touching and playing with long range rifles, what else could you ask for???:)
That last picture....

I see so much of his grandpa in his face.

Nice looking rifle. Figure the problem out yet?

I did what you suggested, it made no difference, the barrel still looking in one direction and the scope in another... I tried the rings in another rifle and they're
right on. Finally I found out that the picatinny base rotates towards the right as
it goes from rear to front. Right now is drying, I glass beded the base and so far
there's no rotation of the base. I'll keep you updated...:rolleyes:
Yes it's a nice rifle... my first ever 338-Edge my finger is itching!!!!!!! You did alright!
Nice looking rifle, Does it have a Defensive Edge break on it if so he can go ahead and start shootin:)

How much does it weigh?


I love that firm positive actitude, yes Sir! Thanks for reading and posting!
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Nice looking rifle, Does it have a Defensive Edge break on it if so he can go ahead and start shootin:)

How much does it weigh?

And... you're probably right! :D

On a Older Savage action...
The rifle was built using the most inexpensive but functional parts. It's already been
called the "Poor man's 338" I pray that it shoots like the "Rich man's Custom".

PM338-RMC See what I mean? :D I'll just keep on dreaming!!!

It does have a 28" McGowen barrel and was put together by my amigo geargrinder. He refuses to charge me
for all the workd he's done, he's put many together before and they're shooters.

BigBuck, you got me going!

Alright I'll tell you, it's got a Holland style muzzle brake . Not sure how that'll work though
I've read good stuff about them. :)
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A handsome grandson you have there. I agree with previous post-I can see some of you in your grandson. Givem another year and he'll be wanting to crank the you know what out of those turrets.:)
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