124 gr Hammer working great

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    Jun 28, 2010
    I went out to change over from my Sierra practice bullets to my 124 gr Hammer hunting bullets today as I prepare to head to Alaska for a sheep hunt on Sunday. The Hammer has proven to be the most accurate of the 6 odd bullets I have tried in this rifle. My practice shooting has all been at 550 yards. Have not shot an animal beyond 570 yards. As I was finishing up I decided to see what would happen at 700 yards if I had no other choice. Result is pictured. 3 1/2" group right on the bull and 1" low. Don't want to do it, but now feel confident I could make a clean kill at this. for me, extended range if conditions were right and I could not get any closer.

    Thank you for your fine work Steve.

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    That is great news!
    What chambering?