great shooting.what kind of bench is that.i have a varmint masters .it's nice like that one to .is it stable.if i move my hand from the adjustment screw to lay it down in front of therear rest i can see movement at 800 yards.it still lets you shoot good,thanks,keith
The bench is a homebuilt made by my evil genious shooting partner Ken from bits he cobbled together along the way.

The bench is adjustable in just about every direction but I found it to be a bit unstable and too short for my 6' 2" frame.

Nice shooting. You get to play with all the really neat toys.

Was the load you used subsonic? If not, any thoughts on how much quieter the suppressor was? How much more elevation?

Had a chance to do some LR shooting with my 300WBY and got it out to 1800m (Wild rangefinder). Using a 155gr molied Amax, I was impressed. Just got my 300RUM with 35" barrel back from the smith. Have to build a stock, then will get to launch some 240MK way out yonder.

Take care...

Nice shootin.
Can't wait till I get my first Ground hog with my new Coyote 270wsm.

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Great shooting!!

Those badgers sure a cute!

Peter! Why the ear plugs??

I'll be getting another suppressor soon but have pretty much given up on subsonic. I like the low noise AND reduced recoil but don't want the reduced range of subsonic.
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