10year olds first hunt/rifle/ suppressed?

I went with the 7mm-08 youth in a Ruger American. I load 120gr TTSX. My boys have killed around 20 deer with this set up. I believe if you added how far all those deer ran together it would be less than 50 yds.

My 6'1" 180lb, 15yr old still tries to take that rifle.

We spot and stalk a lot so it has been a good, cheap, and accurate option to beat the crap out of. Over all, I'm not a huge fan of the RA, but it definitly gets the job done.

Ours isn't threaded, but I think they have options for that.

I love 300BLK but it wouldn't be 1st my hunting choice.
Ok so here is what I have done . Savage axis in the 6.5 cm . Then put the Boyds At one stock which is adjustable lop. Did a trigger job. That way he can grow into the stock . I have done the Ruger American with the treaded barrel is a good idea also I have done them also. Here in Pa you can't use a semi auto rifle for big game so it has to be a bolt or single shot firearm. Good luck happy hunting
243, 257 Roberts ( my favorite for ladies/youth) 260 Rem, 7mm-08
If you reload, use lighter bullets for practice, reduce the load. sight in then for a hunting load just before the hunt
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Another thing I’ve done for new hunters if possible is have them dry fire on deer a few times before loading the rifle. I made my rifle comments earlier. Good thread.