10mm bullet


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Aug 25, 2008
Southeast Idaho
Forgive me. I could not find a place to ask this question in the lineup of forums. If I need to be directed elsewhere let me know. Here is my question. I am using a 10mm for bear protection . What is the best bullet/load any of you could recommend? I am looking at the Buffalo Big Bore in 200 gr. fmc. Again I am soory if I have misplaced this.
RH- YOU do not say what gun or what bear. i am out of town. i ave an extensive article at home on reloading the 10mm. I can look it up. i lot of AA-9 and a 170. other wise shoot a lot, aim for the head.
The pistol is a Glock 20.Recoil spring to be changed to a 17 lbs. Black and Grizzly bears. I do a lot of backcountry horse packing in the west. Tried revolers. Just like the autos. In fact that is all I have now.
You can buy hard cast bullets and brass from double tap. I use there 200 gn wide flat nose gas check bullets loaded with 800x at just over 1300 fps from my glock 29. They have the ability to completely penetrate a moose standing broadside thru both shoulders.
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