1000yd F-Class and LR matches June 26th Missoula, MT

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    On Sunday June 26th, the Deep Creek Range in Missoula, MT will host a 2 x 1000 NRA registered LR and F-Class match. There are two matches, 20 shots each with unlimited sighting shots at 1000yds. Awards will be to division winners (and those placing when there are enough in a division), and the divisions include: F-Class, Match (any sights - including optics) and Service rifle. There is a 60% pay back, and the remaining amount goes to support the club.

    Due to limited amount of firing points and the amount of shooters typically attending, it is strongly encouraged that you contact me if you want to come. This will confirm a spot on the firing line for you.

    Our last match was over the rainy Memorial Day weekend, and we had a total of 37 shooters. The long range forecast looks a lot more promising for this match than what we had for the last matches. Below is some info including some other matches going on over the weekend.

    Schedule of Events:
    Friday June 24th: 2011 MT State M1A Rifle Championship. Registration 1:00-1:45PM Rounds down range at 2:00
    Saturday June 25th: MT State High Power Rifle Championship. Registration 7:45-8:30AM Match starts at 9:00AM
    Saturday June 25th Evening: no host BBQ
    Sunday June 26th: NRA Registered Long Range Match Registration 7:45-8:30AM Match starts at 9:00AM

    Match Fees:
    M1A Match $20
    MT State High power rifle champ. $40
    Registered LR matches $25
    Discounted Fee for All 3 days: $70, 2 Days: $55

    If you have never shot at the Deep Creek Range, it is 20 min from Missoula, it boasts some of the best shooting conditions with numerous NRA and Benchrest world records set there, and it is a great place to camp.

    Contact me by email for more info on the match, or future matches.

    Jamey Williams
    jameydan AT gmail.com





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    This is an excellent group to shoot with and I'm very sad I won't be able to attend. Don't be intimidated at all by the competition aspect if you haven't shot one before. I got started at the Memorial Day shoot last year and everyone there was more than willing and helpful dealing with the new guy!
    Jamey is extremely helpful in letting you know what to bring on game day and what to expect.
    If you've never shot competition before, it's a very fun way to put some rounds down range and is great wind reading experience. If you've got a bi-pod on a rifle with a 20 MOA rail then you've got the equipment for F-Class!

    Here's a few links that may help out anybody who's new to the sport like me!