1000 yard range in Pennsylvania

Dr. John

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Apr 11, 2002

I just recently moved to PA. in the vicinity of phillidelphia. I heard there are some long range shooting ranges out here in PA, especially a 1000 yd range. anyone know where these are? how to get there? contacts?
any help will be greatly appreciated.
Dr John -- I shoot there regularly, let me know if i can help you.

Also there is 1000yards in lewistown (1hr or so closer to you) and i also shoot groundhog matches there if you are interested.

there is a match this sat 7/10 if you can come

email me at [email protected] (take ut the X's)

This is an old thread so I thought I'd use it to try and find if there are any 1000 yard ranges near Harrisburg, Pa. Really need to find something close for the show in February. We want to be able to take a few guys at a time out to shoot the Signature Series rifles and let them get an outside look at the Huskemaw scopes. Get a chance to meet John Porter amd the rest of the staff at our booth at the show!
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I am sure that the only range that will get you to 1k is in Lewistown, PA (about 1 hour from Harrisburg) There is a range at Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers, which is pretty close to the farm show complex, however their rifle range only goes to 100 yds.

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