$1000 or less Hunting scope advice for Rem 700 30.06

Tract Toric FFP SCOTT glass Illuminated MRAD/MRAD or MOA/MOA 2.5-15x44. It does weigh 29 oz though. Finding something 20 oz in FFP might be hard.
Leupold VX5HD 3x-15x-44mm fits the bill nicely except it's second focal plane. Certain models are under the $grand$.

Another choice for FFP would be a Sightron S-Tac 3 with illuminated reticle in 3x-16x-42mm. I've seen them for around $650.
In my opinion, the hardest part of your search is going to be a front focal plane scope with a reticle that is useable for huntung.
Same here. Just mounted a FFP Vortex with 34mm tube fo a customer And found the crosshair unusable until I reached around 7-8 power. Definitely wasn't something I'd care to have.
Burris Veracity.
Do you have the PH version with the built-in range feature? If so, can you share your experience? Does it work well? What set up are you using it on? I have heard the only negative is that you can not adjust it for true velocities. Is this true? Has it affected your use?

One thing I like in a second focal plane is to get the higher power in the 16-20 range so if I do end up shooting any distance say 300 or more I can just turn to full power which I pretty much need anyway. Then my reticle scale is correct so no worries. This is my only complaint with my sightron 8x32x56 scopes. They are calibrated at 24. But I get around that by memorizing the scales at 12, 16, 20, and 24 power. Then I dial elevation and hold wind most of the time. My sightrons with moa 2 illuminated reticle have been very good and they do make FFP scopes. I do however favor my SHV 5 x 20 x 56 illuminated in the reticle and eye box dept.