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Apr 3, 2004
Reno Nevada
I have a B&L 6x24 4200.Went on a Varmint hunt[squirles] Made a couple kills at 300yds.With 6x284.Problem targets at Maxc power 500 yds looked like dots.How much better would a Night Force NXS 8x32 do? Our a Pentex Light seeker8x32 30MM.Our for that matter any upperend 30MM scope?I want a scope that can take full advantage of my caliber.What is recomended?
Iron worker,

You have to remember when you compare a 30mm vs a 1" tube, the only advantage is that you will gain more windage and elevation adjustments with the 30mm tube. The major difference that stands out for one scope compared to another is all in the quality of glass and coatings. The Nightforce will be much better than the Bushnell and that is due to the higher quality of glass and coatings.

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Thanks Jon,what about a Pentex Light Seeker,or a Burris Black Diamond Both 30MMs.Night force is well over a grand.Are they that much better than a Pentex Light seeker?
If you had a leupold 6.5x20 you could send it out to Premier Reticles and have them trick it out with a more power etc. May want to look at there web site. I've got 30mm leupold on a 6.5x284 and still getting use to it. I guess since I am more use to a 1" tube having the leupold bumped by premier works better for me. Good Luck
Iron Worker,

I am sorry but I can not comment on the Pentax since we don't care them and have not seen one.
Ironworker: You mentioned a Nightforce Scope.

I would go with the Nightforce NXS 5.5x22, it has the 30mm tube. The problem with going too much higher in power is going to be with mirage. Out to 1000yards it would be a tough scope to beat, and 22x is plenty of magnification.

Frank D
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>You have to remember when you compare a 30mm vs a 1" tube, the only advantage is that you will gain more windage and elevation adjustments with the 30mm tube.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
What about strength? Stiffness?
You are 100% correct Jon A. You do get stronger materials in a 30mm due the larger diamater of the tube.

Ironworker, you will not want to hear our price ($1446.00, choice of reticle). There are many places that sell them much cheaper, so I would look at some others. The reason for our price is that we are a real small business (wife & I), so right now we can only buy 1 at a time directly from Nightforce, instead of large quantities at a discount. They are an outstanding scope. Are they worth the extra $500 or so for them over a Nightforce? Only you can really answer that question.
My first scope was a NF 3.5x12x50 30mm tube. I traded that for a Swarovski 1". The only difference I noticed was in the clarity at distance...the Swarovski far surpassed the NF, but that was ten years ago.
I currenly use a S&B 4x16x50 with a 34mm tube, in the open desert.
Bottom line go for the 30mm or bigger tube....its definately worth it.
To Kenectic energy.Hey thanks for the time.You provided me with a gold mine of informationI have another question.Is there an '"Industry standard "on scope power? Is 20 power Nikon thge same as 20 power Leupold,or buris?You know field of view.I went Varmint hunting with a B&L 6x24,Blew several Varmints up but squirrles at 500yds looked like dots! I don't want to spend more than $850.00 bucks.Do you have any recomendations? Thanks Larry
Iron Worker,
I have a 6-284 as does my friend,his has
a b&l 6x24 and mine has a Leupold 8.5x25
long range. if you are looking at a target
at 1000yds.there is absolutely no comparison
the leupold is brighter has better color
resolution. another friend has a 243 ackley
with a nightforce 5.5x22 and it is quite
comparable optically but not price wise.
Brian Hey thanks I'm now convinced.How much did you havce to pay for yours? What type of retical do you have? Hey tell me about your rifle! Mine is a Rem 700 with a hart 1in 10 twist 26"BBL My favorite Bullet is Hornady 87.0V-MAX.So far H4350 is the fastiest powder.
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