1 new guy from oregon & lovin it!


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Dec 23, 2009
LaPine Or.
New 2 redmond or.

NEW TO CENTRAL OR. LONG TIME OR. RESIDENT. I used to build Sportsmans Warehouses all over the western U.S. now settled in Redmond Or. i married a valley girl and, well she wont move to my side of the state, and i cant handle the valley for any length of time, so...here we are, We love central Or. anybody wanna burn some powder? I could use a shootin partner to get me aquainted with the local shooting spots etc. Im from ranch country, were newbies are looked at with a raised eyebrow untill theyve prooved themselves trustworthy,and willing to learn the local do's and donts. im willing to learn if youve got the time 2 show the new guy around a bit. thanks
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Welcome, glad to have you here. Wish I could help you on the A-bolt but, hang in there there's folks here with amazing amounts of knowledge and I'm sure you'll hear from them.
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