1:9 5.56 Bolt Gun Loads


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Nov 3, 2013
London, UK
Hi folks,

I am developing some loads for my 1:9 twist CZ527 Bolt Action

Current plans are:

Plinking load
62 gr Hornady FMJ

Deer Load
Federal Fusion 62gr (I struggle to load as well as this round shoots, freaky accurate. For hand loads I've had good luck with 65gr Sierra GameKing SBT) - we also here have small deer (Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer)

Varmint / Long Range Targets
60gr Sierra Tipped Match King
Bit controversial this I guess. For long range targets, I've had good luck with the 7mm TMK and stabilises with the twist rate and should feed through the magazine. For foxes, Sierra do list this bullet for hunting so am keen to try it. Other option seemed to be the 60gr Nosler Ballistic Tip (Varmint - Orange) but BC not so good

Lead Free Deer Load
I have had some good luck with 55gr Nosler E-Tips accuracy wise but more testing needed

Powder I am using is Ramshot X-Terminator (Started off with TAC but for lighter bullets I didn't get clean ignition or consistent results)

Any thoughts or recommendations on something I might be missing?


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