1,085 deprimed, once fired 30-06 cases


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Sep 29, 2012
Phila Burbs
I am in the process of sorting all of this brass by commercial manufacture. I am going to lump all military cases together.

The quantity
has changed since I found more FA Match 30-06 cases and some 280 & 270 cases that I missed earlier. I will adjust the total quantity when I list cases by manufacture.

I have a total of 1,085 deprimed, once fired 30-06 cases. These have not been cleaned. They are mixed manufacture of commercial and military cases.

I will clean these in walnut shell if you commit to purchase. Just PM me.

Price for all 1,085 30-06 cases is $200.00 shipped.

I will sell 100 cases for $26.00 shipped.

I will sell 544 cases for $115.00 shipped.

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