08-09 Highlights


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Dec 8, 2009
[/IMG] Where the chips fall
Three of the pics didnt work, but your highlight reel looks like my idea of a dream season! NICE CRITTERS! I felt like that ''where the chips fall'' bull after too much Whiskey once.:D haha NICE PICS! Thanks for sharing them!
my 09 7x7 muley , cat figure why I CANT POST , it is posted in deer hunting 37'' THREAD.
Beautiful muley i love when they carry the mass all the way out like that whats he score.
I had to try 3 or 4 times and go back and re-read mr. Backus's ''how yo post a picture'' and ss7mm's how to post and resize a pic. and thru trial and error on photo-buckett and the help of my wife on how to ''re-size'' while on photo-buckett, and a few aggrivating attempts on L/R/H I finally got it to work ok. Still not too good at it tho. When you do figure it out I ll be looking. you have Exelent photo's of truly quality game. Im jealous, but Ill get there eventually haha
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