1. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED KRG X-RAY chassis short action Remington 700 and clones

    **SOLD** For sale is a FDE KRG X-Ray chassis in great shape. It is right handed, for Remington short action 700 and clones. This chassis comes with all the original kit, plus some extras. Everything in the picture is included: - FDE chassis - 2 different length pic rails - sling stud for bipod...
  2. MTSLW

    KRG Chassis

    I have two chassis both are black and Rem 700SA. First is a Bravo that’s new, has the normal backbone so fits a Defiance or Remington action. New $300 shipped Second is an X-ray that I upgraded to the aluminum W-3 forend. Like new $600 shipped.