winchester model 70

  1. jbronner13

    Pre-64 Winchester 70 Bolt Assembly- Style 4/Group 5

    Looking for a pre-64 Winchester Model 70 Bolt Assembly, seem they have all but dried up and I have a 1954 Receiver I'd like to build out. If anyone has a bolt assembly lying around from 1952-1959 - serial # 225001 - 450500, I am interested in purchasing!
  2. JumpinLegs

    Experiences Rebarreling Browning X-Bolt and Winchester Model 70 CRF

    I'm looking at buying my next hunting rifle. I currently have a .270 Mossberg Patriot, so I'm looking to step up the cartridge to either a .300 PRC or a .325 WSM to "more adequately" deal with larger game. I like three-position safeties (or at least a two position that locks the bolt) due to...
  3. Blackkettle

    Winchester 70 CRF 358 win SOLD

    Winchester model 70 (USA) BUILT BY EAST COAST CUSTOMS. Shilen select match 1-12 twist matched brake, cera koated, hogue full alum bedding block stock, Leupold rings and bases, Leupolds VX-R 2X7 scope. lots of brass bullets dies the whole kit. PRICE DROP $2000 plus shipping CONUS O.B.O.
  4. Idaho77

    Looking for a 7mm rem mag load

    Hello all, I have a Winchester model 70 laredo that I am looking for a good load recipe for. My buddy works them up, so I have to know what to get for him. The barrel is 26”, however the previous owner left some pitted rust in the barrel near the muzzle so I’m having a gunsmith shorten the...
  5. Blueridgeguy

    Updating Winchester 70 300wsm

    Good Afternoon, just signed up today and needing thoughts on improving a stainless Win mod 70 300wsm. It's factory other than I have installed a Timney trigger. Question one... I'd like to replace the "plastic" stock. Would you choose an HS Precision or Bell and Carlson? Question two...
  6. C

    Winchester model 70 classic stainless .300 win. Mag

    Winchester model 70 classic stainless .300 Win. Mag 26” barrel with muzzle brake Low round count Like new condition Pre-64 style action Leupold scope mounts and rings 750.00 shipped 484-614-1087 Mark
  7. C

    Winchester model 70 Classic Stainless .300 Win.Mag

    Winchester model 70 Classic Stainless .300 Winchester Magnum 26” barrel with muzzle brake Gun is low round count Like new condition Pre-64 style action Leopold scope mounts and rings 750.00 shipped 484-614-1087 Mark
  8. BigBuck74

    Semi custom Winchester 70 .375 H&H No Joke Rifle!!

    I have decided to sell my semi customized Winchester Model 70 Classic Stainless Safari Express chambered in .375 H&H. The rifle is like new, and only shot one Black Bear and range time. Gun is in 99.9% condition. Here is is the goodie list on the gun. Factory Winchester Model 70 Classic...
  9. bkshafer

    338 Win Mag Winchester Model 70 Super Grade

    Brand new in factory box never fired Winchester Model 70 Super grade. 338 Win Mag Post 64 26 inch barrel Asking $975.00 O.B.O. + $ 35.00 Shipping to your FFL Thanks for looking
  10. WWP2012

    Pre 64 .30 Gibbs

    I figured I would throw this up here before it goes on the auction block. I am selling this for a friend and will try and answer what questions you have. Most all we know is it was his Grandfathers and it was modified by Mr Gibbs at his shop. Gun will come with the original dies. Which we think...
  11. BigBuck74


    Up for sale is a McMillan M40-A1 .308 Win Custom Marine Sniper Rifle. It was built by Gruning Precision out of CA and distributed through Merlyn Rifleworks who was a contract builder using Gruning. The rifle is built on a accurized Winchester 70 action, has a tuned custom trigger breaks at...
  12. SublimeOutdoors

    Winchester Model 70 375 H&H

    I have a Winchester Model 70 Safari in 375 H&H that I need to unload for a current build. I will entertain all decent offers. The rifle is used and has very minor blemishes. The end of the barrel has a rub from being barrel down on a rubber mat, not barrel dings. Make an offer...