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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm-08 dies and brass (Lapua and Hornady)

    Selling 7mm-08 stuff: 1. 64 once fired Lapua 7mm-08 brass $75 shipped 2. Wilson arbor die set 7mm-08 $100 shipped 3. 174 once fired Hornady brass decapped and tumbled in stainless media $95 shipped 4. 149 once fired Hornady brass tumbled $85 shipped SOLD Buy it all for $315 shipped I will...
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    Various reloading dies

    See below for pricing and details. Listing is cross-posted. All dies are used unless otherwise stated. They are all in great usable shape, but may need cleaned. All Lee, Lyman, and Pacific dies are $20. All standard RCBS, Redding, and Hornady dies are $25 unless otherwise noted as some are brand...