1. jh2785

    Deer Lease questions for a newb

    Hi everyone, I'm a new hunter and hoping to secure a place to hunt whitetail in TX this season and this will be my first ever lease and hunting for deer. I have an individual that's willing to lease 150 acres west of Fort Worth for $3,000 (he's looking for 2 hunters to pay $3k each for $6k...
  2. levers4life

    That time of year...Be careful

    Found this guy in the hay barn. Watch your step fellas
  3. Texas Speed Bump

    Hello From Texas !

    Greetings, New to the forum. Have been shooting and hunting for 40+ years but only started shooting 300-1,000 yds in the last few years. My go-to deer rifle for the past 40 years has been a custom 6.5x06 that was passed down from my father in law. I ran an old Redfield fixed 6x on it for...
  4. C

    Free Range Aoudad Hunt Leakey Texas

    Part 1 Long version...photo heavy! With bonus hogs! Wrangled an invite through my youngest daughter's husband. He is the ranch manager for several properties owned by his Boss. One of which is in Leakey Texas. My Son-In-Law (SIL) has told me about the place and that is had Aoudad. The owner...