swaro vs leupold

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    Help with Swarovski scope for my 6.5PRC rifle

    I hunt big game with my Nosler M84 Mountain carbon Rifle chambered in 6.5PRC and love it. Currently the rifle has the VX-5HD 4-20X52 CDS-TZL3 SIDE FOCUS TMOA scope. I chose the Leupold VX5 because I was looking to keep the rifle light weight. Im going to remove the scope and selll it. My...
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    In need of help deciding on my next rifle scope

    I am putting together a mountain hunting rifle and need help deciding on what rifle scope to put on it. The rifle is an Alamo Precision Rifle chambered in 7 PRC. The maximum distance I expect to shoot an animal is around 800 yards. I am looking for a lightweight rifle scope that is easy to dial...