1. twt17

    Thread Pitch for X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed 300wsm

    Just picked up a Hells’s Canyon in a 300wsm. When I got home I tried to replace the muzzle break with a Silencer Co ASR for one of my cans and it didn’t fit. I assumed it would be a 5/8x24 thread pitch but I was wrong. Does anyone know what the thread pitch is on this rifle so I can get the...
  2. Unastamus635

    WTB Thunderbeast suppressor certificate

    Looking to see if anyone has a certificate for Thunderbeast suppressor they'd be willing to sell. Looking to buy a Thunder beast Ultra Suppressor for my .338. Please message or text me. Jason 612-751-7064
  3. R

    Thunderbeast Arms Cert 50% off any suppressor

    I have a Thunderbeast Certificate for sale, It is a 50% off coupon for any thunderbeast suppressor. Must be redeemed through Thunderbeast directly. $300 no trades please.
  4. bbckfh

    SAS update... Purchase advice

    Hi All, I want to flog a dead horse, in a sense. I'm looking in the coming year to buy another couple of suppressors to complement my current AAC and DA Sandman Ti. It seems from most posts online that the current "gold standard" (if you will) is the TBAC Ultra 7, and is what we use at work...
  5. T

    Custom 7mm-08 Help?

    i am having a custom 7mm-08 built and have already ordered a heavy bartlein barrel. What length should I have the barrel cut since I will be putting a can on it?