sold / expired

  1. Abruck

    SOLD/EXPIRED 22 cal. 55 grain sp

    125 in graf box 55 grain sp with cannelure. 15 in hornady box with no cannelure. $30 shipped usps. Con us
  2. COmtnman1

    Bullets for trade

    I have two boxes of 338 cal. bullets that I'd like to trade. One new, unopened box of Nosler AccuBond 225 gr. & one opened but unused(full box) of Barnes TTSX BT 225 gr. Both boxes are fifty quantity. Am looking for a box of Barnes 338 cal. 280 LRX BT.
  3. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED Triggertech "Field" flat face

    EDIT: originally had this marked as a Triggertech Primary, however after removing it from the rifle I found out it is a Triggertech "Field". It was installed on a Christensen Arms rifle and has been used for 60 rounds. Since it came with the rifle, I don't have the box or instructions. Will let...
  4. dusty7243

    NightForce NXS 8-32x56

    Sold! Selling lightly used NightForce NXS 8-32x56 with MOAR-T reticle and zero stop. 30mm Tube, 0.25 MOA adjustment. Glass and scope body in like new condition. Asking $1,600 obo includes shipping and insurance. If interested private message me and I will send you my phone number. Local pickup...
  5. F

    7mm cup and core

    Interested in possibly getting 3-5 boxes of inexpensive 7mm cup and core bullets to do some steel banging this winter with. Excuse to get outside and have some fun with old leftover powders I have, etc. Thinking along the lines of Hornady 130 btsp or Speer 130 or 145 btsp. Least expensive I...