short barrel magnums

  1. redchinviking

    How long is your short barrel?

    Please post pics of your best group sizes at given yardage. Cartridge, component list, powder, bullet, load combo and velocity as well. Smallest group at the farthest yardage, with the shortest barrel wins!
  2. D

    New mountain rifle

    Just got the suppressor which finishes out my new mountain build. American Rifle Company Mausingfield in 300PRC with a 20in proof barrel (because modern magnums don't need to be really long), a triggertech special, in a ARC Xylo chassis, and a SiCo Omega 36M so I don't disturb the survivors...
  3. T

    Advice on short carbon barrels

    Hi. I'm thinking of using a Proof 20" - 22" barrel on my 6.5 saum build. However I am wondering weather the muzzle flip will make spotting impact a nightmare. Would a Bartlein varmint profile of the same lenght be more manageable? Does anyone have xperience of a short carbon barrel and how...