1. S

    Wife got her gold medal Aoudad!

    My wife's goal was to get one bigger than mine and boy did she. 35" SCI score was 144-4/8
  2. Chadp82

    Holy cow! (Or sheep)

    A friend texted me Friday and said no sheep tag. I went to CPW and checked award, it showed nothing. I then went to preference points..... they were gone! I saw a big zero! I have a ram tag in Colorado S61!!! I have spent the last 2 1\2 days on maps, google earth, other forums, anything I...
  3. B

    NWT Dall raffle

    If you are interested in sheep hunting and conservation check out our Dall sheep hunt raffle on our web site. $25000 sheep hunt in the NWT with Ravens Throat outfitters for $100 per ticket. only 500 will be sold and drawing is in Casper Wy at our WY...