seating depth

  1. E

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    Berger 7mm 195 Elite Hunter Bullets (200)

    Berger 7mm 195 Elite Hunter Bullets (200). new unopened. Just trying to get exactly what I paid for them which is $140 shipped.
  3. Greg Page

    Weatherby 257: How important is seating depth with all that freebore?

    I've got my Vanguard First Lite 257 bee shooting .8s with the Nosler 100s and the Speer 120s at the manufacturer's suggested OAL. It's a pencil barrel, but I think I can tighten this up. I'm curious to hear from more experienced Weatherby loaders if seating depth is a significant factor in the...
  4. D

    Seating depth on 7 mm rem ultra mag

    I am beginning to reload for my Remington Model 700 7 mm RUM. I have used a COL gauge and it tells me if I seat the 160 bullet just short of the lands only a very small amount of the bullet is in the case. I have measured several factory rounds and they are way short of my estimated seating...
  5. An Idahoan

    Holland's Perfect Primer Seater (+RCBS Automatic Priming Tool)

    For Sale. $125 + shipping. Barely used and in great shape. This tool simply works. Works with both large and small rifle primers. *Does not ship with dial gauge* See Darryl Holland's site: Product description from his...