scope rings

  1. J

    Sendero 300 rum scope rings

    Which rings are you guys running on a Sendero without a rail? Also which height do I need to go with? 34mm tube 56mm lens. Thanks in advance.
  2. trout004

    Hawkins Precision Hyrbid Rings for Defiance - LA 30mm 0.60" height

    Selling a like new-set of rings. These were mounted briefly, but I decided to switch to a 34mm scope, so I won't be needing them anymore. I had a Vortex Razor LHT 4.5-22x50 mounted on my Defiance Anti LA. The height was perfect for me with about 1/4" between the bell and the proof sendero...
  3. jwolff

    Vortex PMR Rings 35mm

    New rings still in the box. These are high rings, perfect for that large objective lens scope. Enjoy a great discount, and a great set of rings, with a top notch warranty! 100$ TYD Paypal/Venmo
  4. jwolff

    Vortex 35mm Scope Rings

    Title says it all! New rings still in the box. These are the high rings, perfect for that large objective lens scope. Enjoy a great discount, and a great set of rings, with a top notch warranty. 125$ TYD Paypal/Venmo
  5. fnlights

    Scope is sliding in Vortex rings? Garbage rings??

    Does anyone know what is causing my scope to slide towards to recoil pad of the gun? You can see the shift marks where the scope was originally mounted in the attached pictures. This is the second time that these Vortex Precision Match Grade rings have done this to me. They are loctited and...
  6. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED NIB Vortex PMR rings 30mm medium

    NIB set of Vortex PMR rings as seen in photos. 30mm tube and medium height (0.97 inch). I have 2 sets of these. $95 each set shipped CONUS.
  7. James Dean

    Burris XTR Signature Rings

    Burris XTR Signature Rings - Height is 1.50” and are just as new. Comes with everything as packaged new including case. $100 plus actual USPS shipping cost.
  8. James Dean

    SOLD/EXPIRED Seekins Precision 34mm & 30mm Rings

    Both sets of rings are just as new. No damage, no over torque, not lapped, etc. 34mm Tube 1.26” x High = $110 plus actual Shipping cost. 30mm Tube 0.87” x Medium = $100 plus actual Shipping cost.
  9. R

    Scope Rings for Western Hunting Rifle

    I have a custom rifle I built based on a Defiance Ruckus GA Hunter action, chambered in 300 WSM. What would be the best set of rings to top this off with? I have seen several suggestions on other threads for Warne Mountain Tech, Leupold PRW, Vortex Pro, and Talley Lightweight. I have used...
  10. Mac bailey

    Nightforce and American Defense Scope Rings for sale

    Nightforce one piece 1.500-20 MOA 34mm Rings Midway $260 Sell for $200 shipped and no tax American Defense Recon - S 1- Piece QD Mount- No Offset Tac Lever 30 mm rings AD Sight price $181.00 Sell shipped for $125.00 Message me if you have questions or text me at 715-207-8932
  11. Jacob Paul

    Scope mounting trouble.

    I recently purchased a Riton RTS mod 5 4-16x50 to put on a Browning Xbolt Medallion for a friend. When I went to check the scope height in the rings I noticed that the scope rings are too far apart. The front ring is sitting on the taper up to the objective body of the scope. There isn’t any way...
  12. Nomad8961

    Reloading, rings, muzzle break FS

    Ohaus reloading 10-10 scale. Great condition. It’s a grams to grains conversion. 80.00$ I also have 150 pieces of in the bag new SSA 6.8 spc brass. 135.00$ A set of used 1” Weaver medium top mount rings. A leupold one piece Dovetail scope mount and high rings that go to a Savage 110 flat rear...
  13. Braunschweiger

    Spuhr 4001 (34mm, 1.18", 0MOA/0MIL) - $350 TYD

    ***SOLD*** Mint. Need to sell it as I sold the rifle I purchased it for. $350 TYD Paypal F&F no comments. Thanks, Darin
  14. tr175

    Wheeler eng 1" ring lapping kit

    I have a Wheeler Engineering 1" Scope Ring Lapping Kit I no longer use. Only used on about a dozen sets of rings. $40 TYD.
  15. H

    Iota Triad ZL 34mm Rings

    I have a like new set of Iota Triad ZL 34mm Rings. They have a height of 1.2" which was perfect for my Vortex Razor Gen 2 4.5-27x56. These rings feature: Under-angled screw design eliminates corrosion from the condensation and crud that collects in the sockets of the typical top-down screws on...
  16. Mxallison

    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce Xtreme duty magmount 34mm 20MOA

    $250 New unopened Nightforce 34mm Ultralite Compact Magmount Height: 1.5" with 20 MOA. Part number A362. This is the 3 bolt rail mount. $286 from
  17. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Pair of Warne Maxima Tikka T3 Scope Rings, both 30mm and 1 inch

    I have changed my scope and the mount this year and as a result have both a 30mm and a 1 inch pair of Warne Maxima Tikka T3 scope rings that mount directly to the dovetail. They were used a handful of times but are in perfect condition. I have the wrench that came with them but no packaging...
  18. G

    Scope Ring Opinion

    Greetings, I am new to long range precision shooting and had a question regarding scope rings. Could I solicit opinion/experience with Nightforce scope rings? Would one be better off pairing their rings with their scopes or some other manufacturer? Conversely, has anyone had any experience...