1. GLTaylor

    Determining shot angle (Inclination)

    I am wondering what the easiest way is to determine shot angle. It's fairly level where I hunt in NE Alabama. That said, my shooting platform is about 35 ft higher in elevation than the rear of the field behind my house. Shot distance is 200 to 350. I notice that my shots consistently impact a...
  2. GLTaylor

    TSX Bullets

    I have a question about the TSX bullets. When they first came out several years ago I bought some in 25, 28 and 30 cal to try. Every caliber copper fouled my barrels badly and quickly. I got aggravated with them and put them up. Haven't used them since. I see a lot of references on the Forum to...
  3. R

    Rem 700 LR 25-06

    Hey guys, I got a new rem700 LR in 25-06 and have put a Leupold vx3 on it. I have put 40 rounds through it, a box of Barnes vortex 100gr and hornady 117 gr And it doesn’t seem to like the vortex very much and hornady is very inconsistent at 100yds. I know I haven’t tried all brands just trying...
  4. GLTaylor

    6.5/06 AI Questions

    I'm thinking about a new toy. I have a 25/06 AI I had set up to try and chase .257 Wby velocities. Obviously, it fell kinda short, even with a 26" bbl. I'm now thinking about having it rebarreled to the 6.5/06 AI for much better bullet selections. My question is, I have several hundred pieces...
  5. Jeremy338

    7 RUM

    Decided it’s time to let this girl go. Rem 700 trued W/ surgeon knob Hardcore 20 min rail 29” Krieger hv heavy flute 1-8 Wyatt bdl 3.90 Calvin 2 stage Apa break Greybull w/ adj cheek Shoots lights out. Throated for 195’s. Only thing is I have fought some primer piercings. Not sure why. Only...
  6. D


    Hello, I shot my Rem Model 700 .300 WinMag several times without a break and zeroed it at 200 yds. Then I installed a Grizzly Gun works break and when I shot the 200 yd. target it appeared to be 1.5 in. high. Does anyone have any experience with a POI raising that much after installing a break...
  7. H

    Hawk Hill Match Video

    Hey guys here is a short you tube video of our first match with the new AR-15 rifles and barrels. We will try and do a longer version in the near future. The new brakes worked awesome, was able to neutralize the two shot targets using double taps with ease. Targets never left the sight picture...

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