rifle barrel

  1. Charlie Brown Jr.

    SOLD/EXPIRED 30-378 Weatherby barrel, Low mileage, $155.00

    Weatherby SS 30-378 take off bbl, The guy that had this rifle couldn't find brass , and converted it to 338 Lapua. Low round count, looks VG inside. ready to burn another cup of powder with each shot.. Comes with thread protector.. 145.00 TYD or best offer. I'll need a money order or Pay...
  2. Charlie Brown Jr.

    SOLD/EXPIRED 50 BMG barrel

    New 1-1/2" x 36" SS 50 cal. bbl. Not sure of it's maker, I inherited this 30 years ago, never got around to putting it to good use. Weighs near 14 lbs. No taper, straight cylinder. Rifling are tall, sharp, and bright, might be cut rifling , I don't think I've seen button rifling this tall...
  3. H

    custom barrel maker in virginia

    Hello LRH community, this is my first post ever on a forum. Some friends told me I needed to get into the computer age so here it goes. I live in Va and used to build custom cabinetry, I started building guns and knives in the early 90s as a hobby, when I hurt my back in 08 I needed to get out...