1. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Taylors and Co SA revolver

    Hand 357 mag revolver. It’s a SA model, with 5.5 barrel. Brass accents and case colored frame, blued barrel. Trigger has been tuned by T&C. I’ve put approximately 200 rounds through it, a mix of 357 and 38sp. It shoots so good, trigger and hammer feel great; overall just a beautiful gun...
  2. J

    Custom 44 mag

    Selling one of my revolvers, just don’t shoot it enough and would like to use the money to put towards a new chassis. Would also consider putting towards a trade for new MDT or MPA SA 700 chassis, Canik Mete SFx or something similar. It’s a Taurus M44 44mag revolver, with 4” ported barrel. I...
  3. B

    S&W Model 69 .44 mag

    I have a Smith and Wesson model 69 combat magnum in 44 Rem magnum. This is a stainless model 5 shot revolver with a 4.25 barrel. Gun less than 100 rounds thru it most of which were 44 special. I will get some pictures up soon. This is an awesome carry gun for grizzly country. Comes with the...
  4. tacosupreme

    45-70 BFR load data

    It's kind of funny, for a cartridge that has been around for almost 150 years reliable load data is sure hard to come by. This is especially true when finding loads compatible with the Magnum Research BFR. Look at the bullet mfg website and the data is completely different than the powder mfg...
  5. D

    Stainless 6" 357 Gp100 600$

    Fantastic condition 6 shot ruger gp100 bought in late 2016. Modifications include Wolff reduced power spring kit (rest of kit included, FACTORY springs included) Hogue rosewood checkered grips with finger grooves (FACTORY black Hogue grips included) Green fiber optic sight installed (red and...