1. C

    Annealing made perfect

    Want to buy a annealing made perfect machine.
  2. D

    Jamison 375 Cheytac brass 1x-fired 50 pieces

    Jamison 375 Cheytac brass 1x-fired 50 pieces, brass has been cleaned $65.00 plus shipping, have more available.
  3. C

    Annealing made perfect

    WTB annealing made perfect machine.
  4. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Redding 7mm Rem Mag

    7mm Rem Mag redding FL bushing sizing die. $60 shipped.
  5. freebird63

    F/S CED Chrono

    Only used 1 time. This is the 2nd one I have owned, they are great units. Reason I'm selling is moving up to a Labradar. $150.00 + shipping txt Chuck at 208-five five nine-3595
  6. Jeff Dill

    New Member @ NC

    Hey I am a excited new member here. I have multiple interest in firearms from pistol tactical/defense, shotguns sporting clays and hunting and rifle target and hunting and long range shooting. I am now getting ready to take my long range shooting to the reloading bench and try to learn all I can...
  7. D

    300RUM Reloading Advice

    Hey guys posting this for a new member. I don’t know anything about the 300RUM so I don’t want to give him bad advice. On behalf of @Emm 300 RUM “Hi guys I'm new to the site I'm shooting a Sendero SF II in 300 rum , I have 190 grn LR AccuBond projectiles and looking for some help with load...
  8. JakeM300winnie


    I'll start by saying, I've been reading posts for a long time on here and always get great information from everyone here on the forum. It's time I share, what I consider crucial information on the eld-x bullet.There has been a few threads on here about the inconsistency between lots of bullets...
  9. C

    Tubbs lapping bullets?

    Has anyone used these? If so how was the results? Was it worth the time and money? Noticeable results, gains in accuracy or velocity? Thank you Colby
  10. 1Moose

    Interpreting Pressure Signs from Velocity (260 Remington load dev)

    Hello all, Working up loads for 260 Remington. 24 inch Chanlynn barrel. Would appreciate any help interpreting if velocity for loads show any concerning pressure signs. First, no cases had any visible signs of pressure. Only the very slightest flattening on just a few primers across all loads...
  11. 1Moose

    Wondering when to retire .30-06 brass (sectioned brass photos included)

    When posting this, I somehow lost a lot of the content, so attempting to edit it now.... I have a Rem 700 .30-06, and I'm wondering when to retire the brass. With the load my rifle likes, I am seeing light extractor marks occasionally, and slightly cratered primers regularly. I never have bolt...
  12. T

    Nonsensical Headspace Measurements on 223rem cases...??

    How would full-length sizing a case increase the headspace measurement on a .223 case, and charging/seating/crimping decrease the headspace measurement?? This weekend, I started taking headspace measurements on some 223 cases in my stockpile in various states on the way to being reloaded, in...
  13. B

    7wsm brass, die set and barrel.

    I have 10 brand new bags of 7wsm winchester brass for sale and 60 new brass that i pulled bullets from a factory load and 52 once fired brass. $35 per bag of new brass plus shipping costs. would like to sell in bigger quantity so don't have to make several shipping boxes. If someone buys all the...
  14. wboregon

    Forming 338 edge from 375 brass.

    I'm pretty confident this can be done, I've seen more then a few people doing it. I just happen to have a batch of 375 rum that was given to me with some other reloading stuffs and just ordered up a barrel and dies for the EDGE. I'm hoping to size down .375 rum with a whidden bushing die. I...
  15. SnowbirdUT

    SOLD/EXPIRED Lapua 250gr BTHP Scenars 800

    8 boxes of Lapua 250gr BTHP Scenar bullets (100 each box). Boxes are sealed from factory (two boxes opened but have 100 bullets each). Same bullets listed on Midway for $83.99 not including shipping cost. I will sell individual boxes for $65 per box if you can pick them up or sell all 8 boxes...
  16. A

    New from Florida

    Hi All, Right now kind of sedentary, as I broke an ankle (pretty badly (two surgeries so far)) during Irma. I'm interested in long range shooting, and recently finished an AR10 in 6.5 creedmoor. I found this forum while searching for 338 lapua, and once here, found it also to have a lot of...
  17. B

    Vanguard 2 .300 win mag load development

    I'm trying to develop a load and am having some trouble with the 178g hornady eld-x grouping. I've shot the whole powder range (77-81 grains) with H-1000 and can't get better than an 1 1/4" group at 100 yards. I was hoping that someone on here had an idea of what the problem could be or has had...
  18. W

    Impala brass projectiles

    I have just ordered some brass projectiles from Impala and I am curious to know if anyone has tried them on large game in the USA?.
  19. 4

    Wanted: Pet load for .270 WSM.

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to help a friend make the switch from factory ammo to handloads. He really likes the performance of the Nosler Trophy Grade .270 WSM ammo using the 140 gr Accubond. If anyone knows which powders have a similar burn rate to what Nosler is using in that load that info...
  20. L

    Hello from Lafayette Shooters

    I would like to say hello to everybody on LRH, our company is proud to sponsor such a well run, informative site. We are a family owned business that has grown over the past 45 years by serving the many outdoors men of south Louisiana. This past year we have expanded into internet sales along...