reloading dies

  1. jwolff

    SOLD/EXPIRED 28 Nosler Ultra Micrometer Seater Die

    28 Nosler Ultra Micrometer Seater Die by Forster. Like new, in box. 75$ TYD PayPal or Venmo
  2. B

    Reloading die lot CHEAP

    For sale is dies that I need to sell to free up space. I'm sure someone can use these as I just want the space in my reloading room back. I will not break this lot up. It is what it is. First, is I have 2 RCBS 30-30 Win sizing dies complete. No bullet seater die. Next is a lyman die set in 7x65R...
  3. Skullcandy33

    6.5 Creed / .308 win reloading die set

    Selling a brand new 6.5 creedmoor die set $50 shipped Hardly used Rcbs 15501 .308 die set $40 shipped Can do PayPal or postal money order
  4. Driftless Drake

    Or Trade… RCBS Shell plates, Die plates, Dies, and .257AI Brass

    FOR SALE MAKE AN OFFER I have three RCBS 5-station shell plates. Shell plate #11 model 88811 .220 Swift .225 Win .257 Roberts .257 Imp. 40degree 7mmx57 Mauser Shell plate #12 model 88812 .22 Hornet .22 K-Hornet Shell plate #14 model 88814 .33 Win .378 Wby Mag .45-70 U.S. Gov’t .460 Wby Mag...
  5. LVJ76

    SOLD/EXPIRED .222 Rem RCBS FL Die Set

    For Sale New 222 Rem RCBS Full Die Set = $40.00 shipped Flat Rate Priority Mail Thanks for looking
  6. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED 357 dies, brass, bullets

    lee 357 mag dies Starline brass 100 pieces 500 count RMR 158 grain RNFP 100 count Hornady XTP 158grain One of the (250) grain bags has a slight tear and bullets can fall out with manipulation. The box they came in didnt have any loose and I don’t think any fell out. The torn bag weighs 5lb 11.1...
  7. J


    So I have been researching a 375 CT and now Im trying to find info on reloading dies and bullet seater, who makes them? It sounds like I will need to have them made or is there a company that already makes them and Im being stupid or blind.